Our fees are transparent and predictable.

They are predictable because in the event of an action the client and lawyer sign a mandate letter
that establishes the amount of the set fee, any ceiling amounts of the commission, the amount of
the variable fee as well as the number of working hours that appear necessary for the case.

Further clarity results from a time-sheet that is spontaneously issued on which each task carried
out is clearly described.

In 80% of cases the fees closely coincide with the initial evaluation. The client then has the
knowledge to decide whether to open a case or otherwise.

Considering these costs relate to a professional activity our fees are tax-deductible, even for wage-
earners to the extent they have chosen the actual costs system.

The legal consultation fee (from €1,210 to €7,700 depending on amounts in the case) are awarded
to the party winning the case. These amounts are for the client and are deducted from the costs
and fees.

We can only advise you to take out legal consultation insurance. For a fixed annual premium the
insurance company will cover all lawyer’s costs and fees relating to the dispute.