Litis S unites lawyers specialised in employment law. This title was granted on the recommendation of the Order of Lawyers of the Brussels Bar with the application of the regulation of 28 March 2000 on specialisation.

Employment law regulates the individual and collective legal relations between employers and employees.

Litis S is also highly active in the peripheral areas of employment law (problems of the self-employed, conflicts between partners, autonomous commercial agents, etc.), social security, social criminal law and criminal business law.

Our fields of expertise

The following are examples of situations in which we frequently act:

  • Competition clauses and situations of wage-earner/employer competition
  • Defence of interests after bankruptcy
  • Disputes with the National Office for Social Security or with the social fund
  • Partner agreements and conflicts between partners
  • Business or social offences
  • Discussions about invoicing and the payment of working hours
  • Company restructuring, social audits
  • Organisation of social elections
  • Mediation in social disputes